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Periolase Periodontal Therapy in North Naples

LANAP Minimally-Invasive Gum Disease Procedure

two men smiling with fishing polesGum disease affects about 80% of the population. In its mildest form, the condition causes little or no symptoms. Patients may experience bleeding when brushing teeth, as well as swollen, red, or tender gum tissue. However, left untreated gum disease can escalate to cause tooth loss and bone recession. It also increases a patient's risk for stroke, heart attack, diabetes complications, low-weight births, Alzheimer's disease, and other serious health problems.

When plaque builds up near the gum line, bacteria form, nestling in pockets between the teeth and gums. These pockets grow deeper and harbor more and more bacteria as the disease progresses. In some cases, non-surgical scaling, root planing, and antibiotic therapy can help, though some patients require surgical intervention. Periodontal surgery, in the past and in some dental offices today, is performed with a scalpel, cutting away damaged gum tissue and stitching up the surgery site. Dr. Makram has chosen to provide a more comfortable solution for our patients.

With the LANAP procedure by PerioLase©, gum surgery is more comfortable than ever before. Our PerioLase laser cuts away diseased gum tissue and cleans infected pockets precisely and quickly. Because it seals tissue as it moves along the gums, no stitches are required. Most patients enjoy a prompt recovery as a result of the minimally invasive procedure.