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When you come to the office of Dr. Mark Makram, you'll enjoy exceptional service in a comfortable, modern environment. We use many of today's most advanced tools to help patients advance their oral and overall wellbeing. These tools, combined with years of knowledge and expertise, will help us exceed your expectations for what care can be like. To learn more about our services and our dedication to excellence, explore our website or contact our office directly.

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Meet Naples Dentist

Dr. Mark Makram

Dr. Mark Makram is a skilled general, cosmetic, and implant dentist committed to building strong relationships with his patients.  He completed his dental studies at the UB School of Dental Medicine in 1993. He then began practicing in Port Charlotte the same year, before bringing his talent and dedication for exceptional care to Naples in 1997.  Dr. Makram is devoted to education and continually strives to enhance both his experience and the services he offers.

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Modern Dental Technology

We care about the comfort and safety of our patients. That's why Dr. Makram has supplied his Naples office with the best modern tools available. As dental technology advances, it's easier to provide care that's more accurate and efficient, as well as more comfortable. Some of our most advanced tools include CEREC crowns, LANAP, air abrasion, and intraoral cameras. These tools have revolutionized dentistry for patients and doctors alike.

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Become acquainted with our Naples office before your first visit by taking an online office tour.

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We accept cash, check, and credit cards to cover the cost of treatments. We also offer some long-term payment options through CareCredit.

We will file insurance claim forms as a courtesy to our patients.

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