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Dental Air Abrasion

Tooth Decay Treatment

woman smiling with arms closedFor certain small cavities, we can provide quick, comfortable care without ever administering a local anesthetic or using a drill. This is all thanks to a special, innovative tool known as air abrasion. Using air abrasion, Dr. Makram and his Naples dental team can remove harmful decay quickly and easily, without ever picking up a drill.

Air abrasion uses a steady, high-pressure stream of aluminum oxide particles to remove decay. These particles blast away decayed tissue while preserving the tooth’s otherwise healthy structure. As a result, preparing decayed teeth with air abrasion is a more conservative solution than treatment with a traditional drill and local anesthetic. Air abrasion is also faster. Preparing a tooth with this unique tool only takes a minute or two per tooth.

Once all traces of decay have been removed Dr. Makram can apply the filling material and complete your procedure. With your filling in place, you can look forward to a healthier smile and better wellbeing.

Do you want to learn more about this revolutionary tool? Don't hesitate to call our office in Naples, FL with your questions. We would also be happy to schedule your next appointment with Dr. Makram. Air abrasion is an excellent tool for helping both children and adults alike. We look forward to serving you!