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Dentures – North Naples, FL

Traditional Ways to Replace Missing Teeth

When you’ve lost two or more teeth, daily functions can become much more difficult. Biting, chewing, speaking, and even smiling can cause you problems and interfere with your quality of life. At Dr. Makram’s dental office, we’re proud to offer solutions that can help you regain your missing teeth and much more. Traditional prosthetics have proven effective for hundreds of years, but we provide state-of-the-art partials and dentures in North Naples that will exceed your expectations. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Makram to discuss your eligibility and which type of denture is right for you.

Why Choose Mark Makram DDS for Dentures?

Who is a Good Candidate for Dentures?

Woman wearing dentures in North Naples

Individuals suffering from tooth loss are likely candidates for dentures. For centuries, humans have used various materials to craft new teeth to allow for easier eating, chewing, and speaking; however, with new advancements in dentistry, these prosthetics are more lifelike today than ever before. Designed to fit snugly inside your mouth and offer greater functionality, they can be a life-changing decision.

If you are unsure about your eligibility for treatment, it’s best to schedule a consultation with your dentist in North Naples. Dr. Makram can easily identify if your oral cavity and facial structure are prepared to support a partial, full, or implant denture. As long as your overall health is not compromised and you have healthy gums and enough jawbone, you can expect to be recommended for treatment.

What Are the Different Types of Dentures?

A full denture in North Naples

Dentures are known for being a versatile tooth replacement solution, which is why there are three different types available:

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are useful for filling multiple gaps that are not consecutive along a row of teeth. While full dentures rely on suction to hold the appliance in position, partial dentures use metal clasps that fit around your remaining healthy teeth to stay in place. However, like full dentures, partials can be easily removed for cleaning at night. Catering treatment to your needs, Dr. Makram can design and deliver a partial denture that fits comfortably in your mouth and blends in seamlessly with the rest of your healthy teeth.

Full Dentures

Without any teeth on one or both of your arches, you wouldn’t be able to eat much of anything or pronounce words clearly. Total tooth loss doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with nothing, however. Full dentures are a convenient, time-tested way to enable you to recover the smile you lost. Similar in design to a partial denture, prosthetic teeth are attached to a gum-colored plastic base that rests on your gums, allowing your artificial teeth to look as realistic as possible.

Implant Dentures

If you prefer a more permanent option that not only lasts longer but continues to stimulate your jawbone, preventing facial collapse, implant dentures may just be for you. Held into place with titanium posts that are surgically placed into your jawbone, your customized denture is secured to the tops of your implants, giving you a permanent and easier-to-clean solution to replace your missing teeth.

Benefits of Dentures

Couple laughing with dentures in North Naples

Dentures remain one of the most popular restorative options available in most dental offices. When faced with tooth loss, it is not uncommon for patients to immediately begin discussing the possibility of having customized dentures created to restore their appearance. When it comes to choosing these prosthetics, you will find they offer many unique benefits, such as:

Understanding the Cost of Dentures

Cost of dentures in North Naples

The cost of dentures in North Naples is dependent upon your individual case. No two situations are alike, which is why we advise that you schedule a consultation with Dr. Makram. Your meeting with our team will help you to better understand the various factors that are considered when determining how much you can expect to pay for your new smile. We’ll work with you to ensure you maximize your dental insurance benefits as well as take advantage of any financing opportunities you might need to stay within your budget.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Dentures

Dentures in North Naples

Each patient who prepares to receive dentures must be evaluated according to a host of different factors. However, the three most important include:

  • Preliminary treatments you might need (i.e., bone grafting, periodontal therapy, tooth extractions)
  • The materials used to create your dentures (the base and artificial teeth), which are typically made of acrylic and/or porcelain
  • The number of teeth you are missing and whether you will require a full denture, partial denture, or implant denture

As you do your research to determine how much you plan to spend on your new teeth, it’s important to remember that cheaper is not always better. Lower quality materials tend to break and require more frequent adjustments and replacements. This can cause you to spend more money in the long run, so consider the important investment you’ll be making by choosing higher quality dentures in North Naples that will last much longer.

Are Implant Dentures More Expensive?

Implant dentures in North Naples

Yes, implant dentures are more expensive up front; however, when you compare the level of maintenance and upkeep to traditional prosthetics, you’ll actually save more money over the course of your lifetime. Implant dentures offer greater stability because of their placement and fusing with the jawbone. They’re also more reliable and fully functional, allowing you to eat, speak, and smile without worrying about your artificial teeth slipping or falling out. Not to mention, you’ll avoid buying denture adhesives and special cleaning supplies because they act and feel just like regular teeth. One of the most unique benefits of implant dentures is that they can last 30 years or longer with proper care.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Dentures?

Dental insurance button in North Naples

As you review your dental insurance policy, you will most likely find there is some level of coverage for traditional dentures. Typically, they will be covered anywhere from 50-80% if you are seeing a denture dentist in North Naples who is in-network with your insurance company. To help you find out how much your insurance will agree to cover, you can work with a member of our team. They will review your policy and answer any questions, so you can have a clear understanding of how much your out-of-pocket expenses will be.

Other Options for Making Dentures Affordable

Tooth and money in North Naples

If you’re uninsured or need assistance paying the remaining balance of your bill after filing with dental insurance, you’ll be pleased to learn that Dr. Makram works closely with both CareCredit and Lending Club to provide flexible financing options. These plans can make it possible for you to break up the cost of your treatment using a low or zero interest payment plan. This allows you to stay within your budget while ensuring your smile will look and feel its best for years to come.

Dentures FAQs

Woman smiling with dentures in North Naples

Although you may be ready to begin your new life with dentures in North Naples, there is a good chance you still have many questions about what it will be like to live with these prosthetics. Dr. Mark Makram and his team want you to be equipped with as much information as possible to feel confident and prepared for life with dentures. To help answer any questions you might have, we have compiled a short list of Q&As below. After reviewing the information, please contact us with any additional questions you might have about dentures.

Can I Sleep With My Dentures?

Dr. Makram strongly advises all patients with dentures to remove them before going to bed. Why? There are several reasons, including:

  • Your bone and gums need time to breathe and restore necessary nutrients
  • Continuous wear can lead to irritation over time as well as ridge absorption
  • Bacteria can form underneath your dentures and put you at risk for pneumonia should you leave them in your mouth overnight

It is recommended that you allow your dentures to soak while you sleep so your mouth can “rest” and your prosthetics can be cleansed of bacteria and particles that form throughout the day.

Is It Hard to Talk with Dentures?

You will notice when you first receive your dentures that it may be more difficult to talk. Fortunately, this is only temporary and will dissipate within a short period of time. The adjustment phase is different for every patient, but you can take steps to shorten this timeframe. To do this, simply spend time reading aloud to yourself or others, speak slowly, and practice saying difficult syllables and sounds. You can also try using denture adhesive, which will help to keep your prosthetic in place while eating and speaking.

Can I Use Regular Toothpaste to Clean My Dentures?

It’s natural to assume that regular toothpaste is safe to use on both regular tooth enamel and customized prosthetics; however, this is not true. Your denture dentist in North Naples will recommend non-abrasive toothpaste because it is gentler on the material. Regular toothpaste is highly abrasive and can scratch your artificial teeth, causing them to dull. To minimize the risk of damage and stains on your prosthetic, make sure you’re cleaning your dentures after every meal and using only a soft-bristled toothbrush.

Will Dentures Change the Shape of My Face?

Tooth loss can cause your facial shape to change. Over time, your jawbone will deteriorate, resulting in a sagging appearance often referred to as “facial collapse.” Fortunately, dentures support your facial muscles and improve your overall aesthetic. However, you should be mindful of how well your denture fits. Those that no longer fit correctly will lack proper support. It’s important that your dentures fit comfortably and correctly inside your mouth, so don’t be afraid to talk to your dentist about having your denture refitted or replaced.

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