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Dental Crowns in North Naples

dental crowns naples flAre you self-conscious about your smile because of one or more cracked, broken, decayed, or worn teeth? We understand. Not only can a cracked, worn, or decayed tooth detract from your appearance, it can also make eating uncomfortable and speaking more difficult. But at Dr. Makram’s office in Naples, FL, we can help you restore your smile with custom-made, natural-looking dental crowns.

A crown is an exceptional service for anyone who needs something more advanced than a filling or an inlay/onlay. Crowns are durable and can be used for the long-term with both front and back teeth. They’re made to fit snugly on top of your vulnerable tooth, simultaneously renewing its appearance and structural integrity.

In addition to offering all-porcelain crowns, Dr. Makram also offers gold crowns and crowns made with porcelain-fused-to-metal. The type of crown you’ll receive will depend on a variety of factors. But regardless of which we recommend, we want to provide you with the most durable and natural-looking restoration possible. That’s why we prefer white crowns when restoring front teeth.

During your procedure, Dr. Makram will prepare your tooth, take an impression of, and put a temporary crown in place while our lab manufactures your final version. When your crown is ready, you’ll simply come back to our office to have it fitted.

Fixed Dental Bridges

Dr. Makram also offers fixed bridges to help patients replace missing teeth. A fixed bridge combines one or two crowns with carefully made prosthetic teeth. Once in place, your fixed bridge will literally bridge the gap left behind by missing teeth, creating a full, healthy smile.

Would you like to learn more about dental crowns and fixed bridges? Call our office in Naples, FL with your questions. We would also be happy to schedule a consultation visit for you. During your visit, Dr. Makram can assess your needs and discuss all your treatment options with you.